Version control for brands, artists, & studio workflows
Freedom to choose where and how you create digital products without worrying about the complexity of asset management

"My dream is to run a creative studio from a cozy mountain homestead. My objective is making this freedom a reality"
Grant Moore - MetaStash Founder

Free your headspace, focus on what you do best
Enjoy the flexibility of configurable pipelines that match your team's workflow needs, knowing that the processes important to your success at scale are easily adopted. Work faster, with more insight and the flexible controls you need.

Custom Pipelines
Use our node graph editor to define task centric Workspaces for your team to work in securely and create output Publish data.

Version Control
Access the full history of an Asset's Workspace and Publish data, including dependency mapping across versions.

Remote Sync
Seamlessly sync data in the background via a cloud repository, easily enabling multisite studios and remote worker collaboration.

Build your perfect asset pipeline
Every asset type has a unique set of repeatable steps to go from initial idea/concept to final delivery, which is why MetaStash gives you the control to build pipelines that perfectly match your team's creative requirements.

Create Pipelines
Easy to use node graph editor
Checkout Workspaces
Work on files via desktop app
Publish Outputs
Make files available via cloud
Review & Update
Data updates flow downstream
Deliver Results
Export and ship approvals


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Experts at scaling production

We're passioante about bringing our experiences delivering scalable solutions for award winning animation & VFX studios to enable the next generation of remote-enabled creatives.